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  • I really thought that my physical best years were behind me but Salus has me now thinking that the best physical years are still ahead of me.
    Bennys success story
  • Through CrossFit, I’ve developed healthy eating habits and a healthy mindset pertaining to exercise.
    CJs success story
  • Signing up with you was the best decision for our fitness and nutrition journey. 
    Jess & Stephens success story
    jess & stephen
  • Ang and Gino have built a great community at Salus and I’m happy to be a part of it.
    Erics success story
  • I was always a lot happier after doing CrossFit.
    Hardies success story
  • Gino & Angie are so hands on and dedicated to each member in terms of health, fitness and goals that you are looking to accomplish.
    Melissas success story
  • The coaches are world class athletes who make each class exciting.
    Chelseas success story
  • They are learning how to dig deep within themselves and push through what is challenging.
    Salus Kids Mom of 2s success story
    salus kids mom of 2
  • The kids have fun and burn off all their crazy energy.
    Salus Kids Mom of Twinss success story
    salus kids mom of twins
  • I am so grateful for this beautiful community Coach Angela and Coach Gino have created.
    Salus Kids Moms success story
    salus kids mom
  • CrossFit helps me do better in school, because it has taught me how to keep on going even when I really want to stop and give up.
    Ninas success story