• I really thought that my physical best years were behind me but Salus has me now thinking that the best physical years are still ahead of me.
    Bennys success story
  • Dan Before Image

    See what Dan has to say.

      One look at my before and after picture and I’m pretty sure you can guess how I feel about [Salus] Nutrition Coaching. I NEEDED this type of coaching to start me on my journey to get healthier. Learning what my body needed and not what it wanted ...

    • Kelli Before Image

      See what Kelli has to say.

        I participated in the last nutrition challenge in June and that is when I really started seeing major results in my energy, strength & overall health. I joined CrossFit Salus in January and was working hard a few days a week, and always though...

      • Melissa Before Image

        See what Melissa has to say.

          This was my first nutritional challenge. Prior to this challenge I considered myself a relatively healthy person who worked out and ate the right things and indulged once in awhile. What I learned about two weeks into the challenge was that there were sev...

        • Signing up with you was the best decision for our fitness and nutrition journey. 
          Jess & Stephens success story
          jess & stephen
        • Gino & Angie are so hands on and dedicated to each member in terms of health, fitness and goals that you are looking to accomplish.
          Melissas success story
        • The coaches are world class athletes who make each class exciting.
          Chelseas success story
        • I felt like I saw my true body in my reflection...
          Megans success story
        • CrossFit helps me do better in school, because it has taught me how to keep on going even when I really want to stop and give up.
          Ninas success story
        • I made a commitment to doing something small every day. Just like brushing my teeth- it became a habit.
          Brians success story

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