Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas… they can be the achilles heel of the modern day parent.

healthy breakfast ideas
Birch Benders makes a great healthy pancake mix!

As a mom of twins, I know that mornings are crazy. Between dragging the kids out of bed and making sure their school bags are packed, it can be tempting to give breakfast the backseat.

I get it. You don’t want to be repetitive with food items every morning, yet you have to be practical and keep things as easy as possible, too. Here are 15 healthy breakfast ideas to help you make your mornings a little less chaotic and a lot more nutritious.

15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Try these healthy breakfast ideas (challenge approved) to keep variety and interest up while keeping nutrition a top priority.

  1. ★Egg Sandwich using Birch Benders Paleo pancake mix as your “bread”
  2. ★Scrambled eggs, no-sugar bacon, avocado, sweet potato
  3. ★Oatmeal with fresh fruit (mashed banana works wonders!), flax or a few nuts
  4. ★”Noatmeal” made with eggs, nuts, raisins, bananas. Blend all together then cook stovetop with coconut oil
  5. ★Lara bar, apple
  6. ★Hard-boiled egg, avocado, banana
  7. ★Oatmeal topped with fresh pumpkin seeds, raisins, and unsweetened nut milk
  8. ★Yogurt parfait: layer plain organic yogurt, walnuts and fresh or frozen berries
  9. ★Birch benders pancakes or waffles with heated fruit spread on top (blueberries & bananas work really well), side of egg whites
  10. ★Sprouted grain toast, grass-fed butter or nut butter (no sugar added) spread
  11. ★Waffle, nut butter, sliced banana as a sandwich
  12. ★Steves PaleoKrunch with yogurt or unsweetened nut milk
  13. ★Fruit smoothie (frozen fruit, plain organic yogurt or egg whites, unsweetened nut milk, nut butter)
  14. ★Dinner leftovers (seriously!) Try my Butternut Squash soup – it would make an amazing morning meal!
  15. ★or try your hand at your own cereal recipe!
healthy breakfast ideas
Oatmeal, unsweetened nut milk a few nuts and all the berries!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Made Easy

As a busy parent, I know it’s hard to resist the reliance on boxes and packaged goods. The key is to find the healthiest alternative and sneak in a few homemade options as well. Just start with one healthy breakfast idea to make from scratch, like Noatmeal or Butternut Squash soup. Try it on the weekend when you have a little more time and choose something that’s easy to prepare ahead. You’ll find that it’s easier than you think once you find some new favorites and get into the rhythm.

Try a New Healthy Breakfast Idea This Month

I challenge you to try something new this month. Have your child scroll through and choose the healthy breakfast ideas that sound good to try!

Jot down your favorites post it somewhere so everyone can see. Add new ideas every month or get creative and make new combinations!

Get kids involved with the cooking and have fun!